Orange Pearl Innovation Group

Orange Pearl Logo
Orange Pearl is an innovative SME company from Delft, The Netherlands. We create ‘orange pearls’, which is our metaphor for a unique and sustainable product innovation.

Our group consists of a several innovation companies that are structured under two ‘oyster companies’:
BioClin on the one hand, focuses on health care, OTC products and medical devices.
Cuckoo Company on the other hand, focuses on technical and industrial products.

Orange Pearl groups all the companies together and facilitates their operations. We are successfully building our business since 1989. We are active in more than 40 countries around the world. We want to continue to grow, but remain independent and prefer to stay relatively small. We have a strong sense of identity and purpose: we love what we do. Our founder and group director is Floris Koumans: a dynamic Dutch entrepreneur.

Orange Pearl wins audience award! 

On Tuesday the 24th of November Orange Pearl won the audience award of the local “De Kracht van Delft” competition. This competition is aimed at honoring the local entrepreneurs in Delft and this year we were one of 350 nominees. We are very proud that we won this award and would like to thank everybody who voted for us!

As Orange Pearl we would like to make the world a little bit better. To everyone’s surprise Floris not only accepted the award but announced on stage that he would make a large donation to the local project “Een hond voor jou” (a dog for you).

Floris mentioned that the theme of the award was (giving a face to the city of Delft), but that it was more important to also show that it has heart. With the donation 50% of the needed budget was directly covered and Floris asked the hundreds of people in the audience to also make a donation.

The project

On the children’s cemetery in Delft there is a statue of a dog that watches over all the children who are buried there. The statue was in desperate need of a renewal and the project “Een hond voor jou” is aimed at collecting the necessary funds for this restoration.

Across the current cemetery there is a new children’s cemetery which isn’t in use yet. The project will also make sure that a second statue of a dog will be made and placed at this new cemetery. This dog will be just as comforting as the first dog, like a brother and comrade.