Making a difference

Orange Pearl is an innovation company based in The Netherlands. We have a strong sense of purpose and commitment. We aim to contribute to a better world with sustainable product innovations that can really make a difference to people’s lives.

This is a big task, we know. It’s why we dare to venture into diverse fields. From developing a natural alternative to antibiotics to designing a technology that saves endangered seabirds, we care about making a positive impact.

The people, planet, profit approach works for us. We create and develop our products through fair partnerships made in friendship. Because of this way of working we grow and flourish together, to the benefit of all involved.

We’ve been successfully building our business this way since 1989 and are active in 60 countries around the world.

Oysters and pearls

We create ‘orange pearls’, which is our metaphor for unique and sustainable product innovations. Inside an oyster, a grain of sand can become a beautiful pearl. In the same way, an idea or concept can be nurtured and developed into a unique and valuable product innovation. 

Orange Pearl facilitates operations for several “oyster companies” that house our innovations and ensure these companies can grow and flourish into independend organisations. We have a strong sense of purpose and commitment: we love what we do. We believe in positive, sustainable change through innovation.