The power of positive energy - Floris Koumans: founder of Orange Pearl.

What we stand for

Orange Pearl aims to make the world a better place by realizing sustainable product innovations. From innovative bio-active selfcare products through to high-tech systems that save seabirds and marine life, we are committed to having a positive impact on people and our planet.

About our founder

Our founder and group director Floris Koumans is a dynamic Dutch entrepreneur. Floris wanted to use his skills to make a difference to people’s lives. Knowing that actions speak louder than words, he set out to build a profitable company that makes a significant contribution to a better world.

His passions are innovation and product development, sustainable enterprise, windsurfing, fishing, hockey, golf, diving and cooking. He is also a member of the Entrepreneurs Organization an international network of entrepreneurs.

What can partners expect?

When you collaborate with us, you can expect 3 things:

1. We always aim for fair partnerships, made in friendship.

Well-balanced business partnerships that aim for long-term, mutual success are what we believe in. Based on this concept we often become inter-dependent as we grow and flourish together. It is important to us to keep in mind that we are all simply people striving to be happy. That is why we aim for friendship in our partnerships. We believe doing business together should be fun.

2. We know how to link breakthrough products to strong market positions.

When we innovate, we develop from the market backwards to the ideal product proposition. We understand price-margin structures. We believe in powerful marketing communication. We know about quality and registrations. We are good at building bridges between an attractive market position and a great product innovation.

3. We have a talent for making a difference.

We don’t innovate just to create something new. We innovate to make a difference. Our products always meet a need and add value. They are hard for the competition to copy and have clearly defined USPs (unique selling points).

We often use highly specialized know-how and advanced technologies in our product development. We always protect our intellectual property with patents and trademarks to support long-term competitive advantage.