At the aloe plantation in Limpopo we were able to help put a smile on the children's faces.

This is the story of the BioClin Aloe plantation in South Africa. Up north, in Limpopo, on the road to Botswana, we have many Aloe vera plants (20 hectares to be exact). We have built a high quality factory  and the local people harvest the crop. We grow the high quality Aloe vera that we use as the base material for our products. The harvesters working with us are poor and used to live in shacks made of rusty metal sheets. We have built a worker village of 36 houses to provide homes for our employees. They now have nice new houses with electricity and water. We even made a football pitch for the community. However, their houses were almost empty. They didn’t have the basics like furniture, kitchen equipment, beds, or mattresses. The kids had very few clothes, and almost no toys or school materials.

So we decided to start a support fund. People could make a donation. We collected a lot ourselves – toys, clothes, shoes, schoolbags, stationery, etc. and bought new products (beds, mattresses, dining tables, chairs). The container was completely stuffed… and arrived just a few days before Christmas!