SeaBird Saver prevents thousands of bird deaths each year.

Did you know that each year hundreds of thousands of seabirds die an unnecessary death during encounters with the fishing industry? This is an enormous ecological problem, especially for endangered species such as the albatross. The fishing industry also suffers; bird problems create serious economic damage. SaveWave is on a special mission to save seabirds with an animal friendly, yet economically attractive solution for fishermen. Check out our video to see how we do it.

See how SeaBird Saver works

Orange Pearl’s SaveWave is an innovative seabird saver. Many seabirds are attracted to fishing boats due to bait fish, fish discards, and easy catches. Unfortunately this often results in the death of the birds. Last year we were glad to announce that SaveWave  is saving seabirds and albatrosses worldwide.

The results have not gone unnoticed:

The most important and influential NGO in our conservation field, the WWF, has embraced our solution and granted the SeaBird Saver the prestigious Smart Gear Award – the Special Tuna Bycatch Reduction Prize. With their advancement fund, we have improved our system and have achieved phenomenal results!

In 2014 at the International Smart Gear Competition the Seabird Saver won the Tuna Bycatch Reduction prize. Additionally, the Seabird Saver was the runner up for the Nor-fishing innovation award of 2014. The award was presented on August 20th in Trondheim, Norway during the Nor-Fishing exhibition. Nor-Fishing is an important national and international meeting place for the fishing industry. This is where the latest technology is presented.  Read more at

The SeaBird Saver has been made possible by the Eurostars project:

We need your help to stop the unnecessary death of thousands of seabirds each year. Certain species are even facing extinction. Help us save them by creating awareness for our SeaBird Saver solution. How can you help? Simply share the video. You can help us make a difference and save lives.

SeaBird Saver now prevents thousands of bird deaths each year

We are glad to announce SaveWave is saving seabirds and albatrosses worldwide.

We are glad to announce SaveWave is saving seabirds and albatrosses worldwide.

The new SeaBird Saver is now being tested in New Zealand and we have received fantastic feedback from the first users. Fishing vessels in this area are often surrounded by thousands of seabirds like petrels and endangered albatrosses.

Before using the SeaBird Saver, these vessels would catch up to a hundred birds per night. With our solution, the amount of by-catch on this particular vessel has been reduced to zero for the first two weeks of use! Even during full moon nights, when the birds are most active due to the additional light, no birds were caught!

The captain reported: “The SeaBird Saver was unbelievable, stunning!” The founder and company owner was also excited, claiming that “the SeaBird Saver will revolutionize the fishing industry in New Zealand.”

Saving animal lives is the best possible feedback we could hope for and we are very proud to share these wonderful results of our conservation efforts.