Together with the people of Irodo, we got their water supply up and running.

Don’t just be a human being. Be a human doing instead.

The Grow & Flourish concept is not for human beings. It only works for human doings.

Human beings are passive; they simply exist by being and let life flow by.

Human doings are active, take initiative and always look for a sense of purpose and connection.

How to become a human doing:



Help us grow our network by sharing our concept , our foundation  and our stories with your network. Connect us!  Help us create a worldwide Grow & Flourish community.


Share your ideas and initiatives with us. Maybe you know of a special project that really deserves our support? If you’d like to organize something within your own company and business network maybe we can help you?

Grow & Flourish

If you also believe that you can increase the success of the business you are in by applying the simple principles of the Grow & Flourish concept. Just DO it! We will send you the Letters to Human Doings in an easy format, sharing our experiences so that you can implement it yourself in your own way.


Giving makes you feel good!

If you or your company would like to make a (tax deductible) donation to the Grow & Flourish Foundation to help us with our work, any amount will be most welcome.
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