Don’t just be a human being. Be a human doing.

About the foundation

Our foundation comes out of the Grow & Flourish concept, which offers companies an easy and natural way to make their business more successful, profitable, meaningful and fulfilling.

The Grow and Flourish Foundation does three things:

Sharing knowledge  

We want to contribute to the success of companies by sharing the Grow & Flourish concept with them in a direct, simple way that anyone in the organization can understand and implement. We do this through ‘Letters to Human Doings’. 

Each letter addresses a specific topic and offers very clear and practical insights on how you can fit these ideas into your business.  Why would we do that?  Because we are convinced that it is a very easy way to contribute to business success both in economic and personal terms. We believe we can make the world a better place and that makes us feel good.

Projects that do good

We sponsor ‘projects that do good’; that make a clear, positive difference – plain for anyone to see. Our main focus is simple, down-to-earth projects that have a clear start and finish with a maximum time frame of one year. Projects must have a transparent budget that does not exceed five figures. We sponsor these projects financially and by creating awareness in our network.  We offer our coaching, help and advice where needed.

A supportive network and transparent approach

We offer a professional structure to help anyone in our network who comes up with a great idea or initiative that they want to support. We help them to organize the financing for their project. We support them with communication to their own and also to our network. We help them to organize their project in the company they work for so that it can be supported by their colleagues and business network.  As a foundation we ensure the transparent administration of donations and funding.